They collaborated on the 2009 film When in Rome. They got engaged as a result of the romantic atmosphere in the Italian capital. But they decided to wait until their state legalized same-sex marriages before getting married. They thought it was dishonest to plan a wedding before a lot of their friends could.

They had a daughter, Lincoln, in March 2013. Additionally, around the same time that same-sex marriages were legalized in California, Bell tweeted a question to Shepard asking him to marry her. On the 16th of October 2013, they tied the knot.

Delta, Kristen’s second child, was born in December 2014; notice how stunning her pregnancy dress was. The family life went on. They went to a Michigan lake in 2017 There, Ringer and Shepard jabbered about their young life, turned out to be truly close, and chose to have these excursions consistently.

Dax asserts that they do not accept soulmates. Individuals need to chip away at their connections, and this is another justification for why they are so open with one another. Shepard honestly confronted his wife about his return to his bad habits and asked for assistance. She backed him because she finds people’s openness and vulnerability to be the most appealing qualities.

The definition of love is “waking up next to someone who has put in hard work, respectful arguments, patience, understanding, and gratitude into your relationship.”

They are open and honest about their issues and don’t try to be perfect. But they work hard to solve them at the same time. Their relationship is solidly based on their openness and sense of humor.

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